More About Us


We support independent business and innovators, hire a desk or more, create a collaborative community, grow your business, in the professional network at 465 Brixton.

We are a collective of individuals and small companies, that share a workspace with like minded people. The environment here is creative, supportive and exciting which helps encourage all aspects of the work we do.
All of us at 465 Brixton used to work from home. This can have its benefits in overheads and ease of location but working on your own can be very tough. Especially if your business can benefit from bouncing off people around you to discuss new ideas and ways of approaching your work.

We have created a space shared by people from a colourful variety of backgrounds, and we are always looking for more to join. If you are looking to grow your business or simply looking for a new way to engage yourself with your work let us know. Call us today to arrange a meet up.

We started the 465 Brixton shared office back in 2014 as we all worked from our home and decided it was finally time to work from a more appropriate space. We went looking together and by chance stumbled across the incredible space we find ourselves in now. We were lucky enough to find a space that was not only big enough for us but big enough for us to turn into a community.

Over the last 2 years we have kept building and kept growing to create a space different than anything else out there. With sustainability at the core of our ethos we have handcrafted the office space from reclaimed materials and encouraged plants to grow wherever we can fit them in. We made out desks from reclaimed scaffold and the greenwall from reclaimed wood.

Believing that a comfortable working environment is paramount to positive and constructive development we have crafted every inch of our co working environment to ensure all of our members are catered for exactly how they should be.