Coworking in London

London is one of the most diverse cities in the world and as a result supports and gives a platform to independent business, 465 Brixton is proud to be one of them and provide a co working space for others independents to access a ready made infrastructure.

Offering Superfast wifi, ergonomic seating, stylish office, handmade desks from reclaimed wood, changing art exhibitions, an optional broadband line, optional landline phone everything you need is here to operate a space.

London generates more than a fifth (22 per cent) of the total UK economy, 465 Brixton and its coworking environment allows small to and medium sized independent businesses to access a professional fully serviced space that allows a business to set that right first impressions with clients and potential colleagues, without incurring the overheads that are required to create this as a company.

Our positioning in london is ideal, 30 second walk from the tube, from your seat at our office you are able to access central london, and key business districts such as shoreditch, Liverpool, street, Mayfair, soho and west london with real ease.

Brixton truly is the beating heart of london here are some of the things our co-workers & guests have told us – see our take on our interactive mini london map – to find out more click on an icon.